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Marvels Avengers was perhaps one of the biggest flip flops of 2020, going from one of the least interested games of the year, to one of the most anticipated and all the way back down again. It didn’t exactly achieve critical acclaim and was panned by critics and players, and according to a recent financial call for Square Enix, still hasn’t earned back it’s development costs yet.
Square Enix may not be having such a great time with the drop in playerbase numbers for Marvels Avengers, but at least they’re still committed to releasing the free post-launch content they promised before (even if we still haven’t got the Hawkeye DLC yet). The latest patch update includes a bunch of fixes, but most notably adds the much-needed DLSS support as well as Dynamic Resolution Scaling.
The superhero ensemble is nearly here on PC, as Marvel's Avengers comes out tomorrow. Crystal Dynamics' latest title sure looks quite pretty, but how well does it perform? Can low-end PC hardware run it? And how much wiggle room do we have in terms of FPS performance and graphical fidelity? We take a look at the PC performance benchmarks for Marvels Avengers...
The enemies of AIM are nearly here, and it's up to the Avengers group of superheroes to take them down. Marvel's Avengers arrives this Friday on September 4th, nad it certainly looks quite nice, but what are the graphics settings like? are there a lot of options for graphics customization and performance tweaking? Or is there a pretty limited set of settings available?
Normally you’d see a big AAA title getting partnered with a company like Nvidia or AMD for graphics optimizations on their own GPUs, but this time it’s Intel that has swooped in for the spotlight with some PC-exclusive graphics optimizations for Marvel's Avengers. On top of that, Intel has committed to provide support and optimizations for Marvels Avengers for another 2 years after launch.
The upcoming Superhero looter-thon Marvel's Avengers is launching at the end of this week, and there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the game’s mechanics and performance recently, so much so that an 18GB Day 1 patch has been announced already. So to gear everyone up for release, the developers have come clean about all things cosmetic and the kind of microtransactions you’ll find in-game.
After a relatively successful Beta period, Square Enix is gearing up for the official release of Marvel's Avengers next week. However, during that Beta time many players have reported experiencing performance issues and multiple bugs and accessibility problems. Square Enix has now come out to reveal that an 18GB Day 1 patch is looking to address some of these issues.
The PC Open Beta for Marvel's Avengers is beginning tonight, and shortly before it officially releases the developers Crystal Dynamics have released a brand new patch to fix several performance issues many users have reported experiencing from the pre-order Beta last week, including crash fixes, stability improvements and more.
The PC Open Beta for Final Fantasy 14 account then you can sign up with that as well.
The pre-order PC Beta for Marvel's Avengers is nearly upon us, and in a couple of days we'll be able to officially fly, smash, and superpower our way through MODOK's forces. Because of this, Square Enix have finally revealed the PC system requirements for Marvel's Avengers. Will we need a machine built like the hulk? Or will our humble origins be able to run it just fine? Let's dive into the Marvels Avengers system requirements...
It’s a strange time for Marvel fans at the moment; after Marvel's Avengers seemingly started to win people over, Sony came and started to do themselves dirty by making Spider-Man a completely PlayStation exclusive character. This somewhat made sense because of Sony’s apprehension to leaving Spider-Man out of the Sony ecosystem, but now even more exclusives have been leaked including deals with Verizon, Virgin, and Intel.