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IO Interactive faced a tough challenge last year, as the studio went independent after the release of Hitman 2, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also struck and presented new challenges for the company. However, despite all the obstacles and pressure, their latest entry in the Hitman series was apparently 3 times as successful as their previous entry.
If dispatching targets in any way possible was not gruesome enough for you, Agent 47 is channeling the inner spirit of the one and only John Doe in a David Fincher-esque expansion focusing on the seven deadly sins, and replacing the recent monthly roadmaps. Starting off with Greed, the entire DLC package will change over every 4-6 weeks as part of a season per sin.
If you thought Hitman 3 couldn’t get anymore bonkers and silly, then think again because IO Interactive have revealed their new March content roadmap, which includes a murderous Easter Egg hunt, a deadly rave escalation, and much more.
When Hitman 3 was announced, it was revealed to be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. This posed a few problems for the developers who intended for players to be able to import the locations and content from the previous 2 games, as Hitman 2 was not yet available on the EGS. Thankfully, the official support is here, and Hitman 3 players can now import locations from Hitman 1 and 2 from Steam at no additional cost.
Hitman 3 released not too long ago, and whilst it has had some pretty positive reception since launch, PC players have been unable to transfer some of their progression from the previous game yet. However, IO Interactive has stated that they expect a fix to be available by the end of the month at least.
Hitman 3 released not too long ago and already the game is getting a handful of content added post-launch. In a recent video, IO Interactive revealed all the planned content dropping in Hitman 3 over the next month, with brand new and exclusive Escalation missions as well as some weird and wacky items.
Although IO Interactive’s latest entry into the bald assassin universe - also known as the ‘World of Assassination Trilogy’ for normies - is the last major entry for now, the developers are apparently looking into making DLC for the game in the future, as well as what the future of Hitman could be.
Hitman 3 released just over a week ago now and already there are a couple mods available for PC players. As some of you may recall, Hitman 3 is available to play in VR but only on PlayStation consoles, which seems to change the game’s dynamic in a big way. Now a mod has come out that allows you to play in first person so you can get that VR feel without actually needing a headset.
IO Interactive’s latest venture into the World of Assassination Trilogy has seemingly paid off, with Hitman 3 sales reaching enough to recoup development costs in just 1 week. The final chapter of Agent 47’s journey (for now) has been a massive hit for the studio, and was the first time the full game was self-published by IOI themselves.
Hitman 3 is finally here and in all it's bald glory. Mr barcode, AKA Agent 47, is back and better than ever in this climax to the World of Assassination trilogy. So far performance has been looking pretty good, but how demanding is each graphics setting individually? What are the most demanding graphics options? And how much can we adjust each setting to give us better performance?
The bald-headed gun-wielding assassin is back again in the third and last installment for the recently rebooted trilogy of the Hitman series. Agent 47 will be telling his final tale (at least for now) but how well does it perform on our systems? We take a look at the PC performance benchmarks for Hitman 3...