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Three years on for the impressive strides made with The Technomancer, Spiders are back with GreedFall, a colonial fantasy RPG which is quite comfortably the studio's most ambitious project yet. One for the single-player purists among us, GreedFall promises to feature a vast fantasy world filled with secrets, quests, and terrifying creatures, along with a story which will evolve based on player decisions. That's what GreedFall is then, but sort of PC will you need to run GreedFall? Let's take a look at the GreedFall PC system specs.
Greedfall's new 14 minute long walkthrough trailer opens up the world of Teer Fradee, letting gamers take a closer look at what this new fantasy title has to offer.
GreedFall is one of those sub-AAA games which has definitely piqued my interest. Spiders’ track record is all over the place in terms of quality, but I’m cautiously optimistic GreedFall is where it all comes together to deliver a top-notch RPG.
It turns out THQ Nordic aren’t the only mid-tier publisher comfortable throwing their weight around. Bigben Interactive, publisher of the WRC series, The Sinking City, Warhammer: Chaosbane, and deep cut from my younger days Evil Twin, has snapped up French developer Spiders.
The development studio, Spiders, are masters at making games look amazing. Their next title is Greedfall and we are informed that it will release on September 10th.
Here we go, E3 season has arrived. It’s time for our first official E3 2019 game trailer. Let the flood begin. First up is the elusive GreedFall, an all-new RPG from Spiders that was announced years ago and has finally resurfaced with a mightily intriguing new story trailer.
After a heavy week, E3 2018 is belching out its last few proclamations, including the E3 trailer for GreedFall, the upcoming fantasy historical RPG from the industrious folks at Spiders.
GreedFall is a game which has somehow managed to escape my notice altogether, but it’s the next project from the industrious team at Spiders, who last worked on The Technomancer, which is actually a bit of an unsung gem. It was announced earlier this year, and now Spiders is ready to show us our first in-engine glimpse of its next action-RPG.