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After some serious backlash regarding the integration of Denuvo Anti-Cheat and reports of performance issues when update 1 was released, Bethesda has now released update 1.1 which officially removes the software from DOOM Eternal, though you may have to uninstall it manually from your system to get rid of it completely. Plus, the new update fixes those aforementioned performance issues.
Patch and repair, until it is done. Id Software will be officially removing the recently added Denuvo anti-cheat from DOOM Eternal after a significant amount of backlash and performance issues were brought up. In a blog post on the official DOOM subreddit, executive producer of Eternal, Marty Stratton, outlined why the anti-cheat was added, why it’s being removed, and what will be changing in future updates.
The latest update for DOOM Eternal has seen the implementation of Denuvo’s anti-cheat, and the response hasn’t exactly been good. Not to be confused with Denuvo anti-tamper, the new anti-cheat software installs to your computer at the kernel level, granting it the highest level of administrative access to your PC system. Whilst this may not be new when it comes to anti-cheat software, performance drops have been reported and Linux support has apparently been broken with the latest update.
It’s been a while since we got our bloody hands on some demon skulls as we ripped and teared our way through DOOM Eternal’s campaign, and if you’ve been itching for some more demon slaughter content, then don’t fret because Eternal’s campaign DLC is on the way and we have officially gotten our first look thanks to the official DOOM Twitter account.
It’s been a couple weeks since the controversy around DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack surfaced, with Mick Gordon himself stating that he doubts he and id Software will be working together again. The issues started when Eternal’s official soundtrack was released to the public and many started to criticize the audio mixing, with Gordon chiming in that he only worked on a select few of the tracks for the final release.
It’s been almost a week since that fateful night that the DOOM Eternal soundtrack was finally released, and then the sudden realization with confirmation from Mick Gordon that Eternal’s soundtrack was barely mixed by the legendary composer himself, and that he probably won’t be returning for another installment in the DOOM franchise.
Have you ever played the Serious Sam games and thought: “I wish this was more like DOOM Eternal”? Of course you have! Well now you can turn that dream into a reality with a mod for Serious Sam Fusion that turns the game into a DOOM Eternal-inspired shooter, complete with an over-the-shoulder cannon and shotgun with a grappling hook.
Seriously, how the hell do you pronounce their name? Anyway, it hasn’t been that long since DOOM Eternal came out, it’s amazing to think that the game only came out about 3 weeks ago. So it’s even more amazing to see that some players are doing some insane speedruns already. DOOM Eternal can take around 13 to 15 hours to complete, depending on how much of an avid explorer you are, so a speedrun of around 1 or 2 hours would be pretty impressive right?
Just a quick update for those of you giving it your all right now in the latest installment for the DOOM franchise. I’m sure we’re all excited to jump into the game head-on this weekend for the game’s release, but just in case you’re experiencing some less-than-stellar performance, there might be a small fix for you...
DOOM Eternal is out tomorrow (or, more specifically, tonight), and while the original system requirements were high - if you wanted to put its graphics up to “Ultra Nightmare” settings - we explored the game and definitely found ways of getting lower end PC’s to play DOOM Eternal. So below we will go over some things we discovered regarding these weaker end graphics cards and what it is like to play DOOM Eternal on less performing GPUs, which are closer to the minimum game specs in terms of performance.
We have been running around Hell on earth, testing all the graphics options in DOOM Eternal, to better understand the sort of hardware performance impact each graphics video setting has in game and on your PC.