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Diablo 2 is not exactly the best looking game by today’s standards, yet it still remains a classic that many people go back to and play today. Maybe that’s why it is being remastered… But either way the upcoming remaster is currently hosting a technical Alpha test this weekend, and some kind soul has created a graphics comparison video for us so we can see more of the extensive graphical improvements.
Blizzard recently unveiled the long-awaited and highly anticipated remaster of the iconic Diablo 2. Although we’ve already gotten some graphical comparison videos before the official release, we still don’t know when exactly it will launch. We do know that there will be at least 2 Alpha stages before release, and the first one begins this weekend.
Blizzard recently revealed the rumored remaster of their cult classic Diablo 2 game set to launch later on this year. But Blizzard have also revealed now that you’ll be able to import your old saves from the original game without any issues, and there are currently two alphas for the game planned before release: one for single player, and one for multiplayer.
Blizzard recently gave fans what they have been hoping for a while now: a full remaster of the iconic Diablo 2. But not in the same way they did Warcraft 3, mind you. It seems that Blizzard has learned from their mistakes there. Anyway, a new comparison video has popped up online and shows some impressive improvements over the original game.
Multiple rumors regarding a Diablo 2 remaster have been circulating for a while now, with no official confirmation in sight. However, a new leak suggests it will be revealed at the online Blizzcon 2021 event later this week, and so far their credibility of previous leaks checks out...