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Hideo Kojima’s controversial Death Stranding is landing on PC in just a few days, and Nvidia is gearing up for the release since it will be the next large title to include their standout DLSS 2.0 technology, which aims to offer increased performance without compromising on graphical fidelity. Now Nvidia is offering Death Stranding for free along with a purchase of any RTX graphics card.
Kojima’s controversial yet undeniably stunning literal-walking simulator Death Stranding is finally gracing our PC systems in a couple weeks' time after being a PlayStation 4 exclusive for just over half a year. But according to an Nvidia press release, Death Stranding on PC will include their standout AI tech DLSS 2.0, and the performance benefits currently seem pretty incredible.
Hideo Kojima has a habit of posting cryptic messages and images online to send fnas in a flurry over what he could be working on next. He recently posted that he wanted to make “the scariest horror game” and no that wasn’t about Death Stranding.
We're almost a month away now from the PC release of Hideo Kojima's infamous literal-walking-simulator, Death Stranding. Whilst it certainly does look beautiful on the PlayStation, how will it handle on PC? The official PC system requirements have now been revealed so we can get a nice idea of well it will perform at least.
The current COVID-19 pandemic has seen lots of delays across the industry already, including the games Wasteland 3 and Everspace 2 delayed as well as numerous game conventions being cancelled like E3 2020 and Gamescom 2020. Now the latest delay comes from Kojima Productions on Twitter, after the temporary closure of Kojima Productions and a transition into a work-from-home environment due to the current ongoing pandemic, the long-awaited PC release of Death Stranding has unfortunately been delayed.
Death Stranding: Porter is a VR Tech Demo made inside Unity. A user by the name of KingCeryn uploaded a video to Youtube, where he showed off his recreation of Death Stranding in Virtual Reality. Amazingly, this was all done in just a month and includes various quests, full-body motion capture and an entire map with enemies and biomes.
Forget Baby Yoda, now we can finally take adorable pictures of BB! Have you been up at night wondering about the perfect photos you might take of Sam and the lush environments of Death Stranding? Or standing outside on your porch, looking out at the setting sun bewildered by the fact that there are no good photo modes in games at the moment?
PC fans who have been wanting their own baby-in-a-bottle can now finally take a breath of fresh air, as Death Stranding’s PC release date has now been revealed; and no sooner can we experience the joys of walking up mountains, walking around mountains, and basking in the glory that is Mads Mikkelson’s gorgeous face.
The GD Christmas tree's up and it's bloody freezing. It must be time for the 12 Games of Christmas, surely? After what has been a manic year in gaming it's time to take stock on the 12 biggest and best games that graced us with their presence.
AAA blockbusters don’t get much more unpredictable than Death Stranding. Hideo Kojima’s first game since departing Konami some four years, Death Stranding arrives on PS4 on November 8th, with a PC release to follow in Summer 2020. At long last though, the review embargo has lifted and we know exactly what Death Stranding is all about.
The man needs an editor. That’ll probably end up being the theme of the reviews, to be honest, and his epitaph, but Hideo Kojima’s idiosyncratic ways have been summed up by Death Stranding’s launch trailer clocking in at eight minutes long.