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The upcoming PC release of Sony’s Days Gone may be the first of many first-party Sony titles coming to the PC platform, but with several graphics improvements revealed in the latest features trailer, how much better does it really look? Thankfully, we have a graphics comparison video to make that judgement.
Sony recently announced that Days Gone, one of their PlayStation-exclusive titles, will be coming to PC in Spring in a bid to bring more first party Sony titles to the platform. Now we have an official launch date along with details on what the PC port will bring in terms of platform-specific features.
Ever since Sony announced that they are bringing more first party titles from PlayStation over to PC, many have been wondering which games are on that list. Turns out, Days Gone is the first of many PlayStation exclusives coming to PC, and the official system requirements have just been revealed.
Sony has already said that they plan to bring more first-party titles from PlayStation to the PC platform, and it looks like they are apparently starting with the Action zombie game Days Gone, and it’s reportedly releasing this Spring.
Sony’s beginning to set its sights on its 2019 PlayStation 4 exclusives after a 2018 that was exceptionally high in quality, if not quantity. Things kick off in earnest on April 26th with the arrival of Days Gone, a game that’s been getting mixed previews but is showing increasing signs of promise.
So often the home of the blockbuster exclusive this generation, the PlayStation 4 line-up is looking dangerously threadbare in the months coming up. Sony has moved to announce its next wave of PlayStation Worldwide Studios titles, confirming the games that’ll be with us between now and Summer 2019.
Sony’s continued its week of pre-E3 reveals with the announcement of Days Gone’s release date.
When Sony revealed its E3 2018 lineup, there was one curious absence from its plans - Days Gone. Upon thinking upon it some more though, it’s simply because Sony will have nothing left to say. Days Gone has been a star of the show at E3 for the last two years and has already been shown extensively. As well as this, the GameStop-owned Game Informer has also been given a look at the entire first hour of Days Gone ahead of its 2019 launch.
PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone has officially slipped into 2019. The official website for the game now lists a tentative “2019” date having previously had it penciled in for 2018.
Following their E3 showcase of Days Gone during the PlayStation press conference, Sony Bend showed the press a different gameplay segment behind closed doors. It was the same part of the map and embarking on the same mission, but the footage highlights how the fully dynamic weather system, changing times of day and randomised events can completely change how Days Gone plays out.