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UPDATE: It's all change for Control's system requirements. Once the most demanding game in existence on PC, developer Remedy has made some sweeping changes to the PC specs. Good, because there were barely any people that could run it last time.
We’re just about to tip-toe into August, meaning it’ll be Control’s launch month. Control is comfortably one of the biggest new game launches of the coming month, with all signs pointing toward Remedy get its brand of physics-manipulating third-person shooter action back on track after the quagmire of dullness that was Quantum Break.
Control is a beautiful looking sci-fi supernatural 3rd person action-adventure that is expected to be out next month, August. Here we take a look a look at the first 13 minutes of Control as protagonist Jesse Faden explores the Federal Bureau of Controls headquarters in New York.
Remedy Entertainment’s Control promises to be quite the showpiece for Nvidia’s RTX ray-tracing technology. All those glistening metallic surfaces and lovely lighting effects look well placed to benefit from all the advantages of real-time ray-tracing.
We’re not expecting Remedy Entertainment’s Control to have a huge presence at E3, what with it only been a couple of months until it’s in our hands. Still, they’ve thrown us a small bone with a Control E3 2019 teaser trailer, showcasing the mysterious Oldest House, the FBC’s paranormal New York headquarters which is under attack from a deadly enemy known only as The Hiss.
UPDATE: Valve's Index VR headset officially sold out within half an hour of going on sale. Pre-orders for the premium quality virtual reality device went live on Steam, and it seems the $1000 price tag attached to the complete package wasn't enough to put early adopters off.
You can breathe a sigh of relief - Microsoft has announced it is abandoning Windows 10’s forced updates. Every six months or so, Microsoft pushes out a major new update for Windows 10 users, with the infamous October update last year causing widespread issues. These updates download automatically and then install upon reboot.
Remedy Entertainment has confirmed Control will be launching on August 27th worldwide.
Epic Games brought out the big guns yesterday evening, announcing a whole swathe of upcoming titles that’ll be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. This includes a trio of PlayStation 4 exclusives from Quantic Dream, made up of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and last year’s Detroit: Become Human. Detroit was already one of the best-looking games going so it could look absolutely fantastic with the power of a gaming PC behind it.
Remedy has revealed another peek at its upcoming sci-fi shooter Control, this time highlighting the real-time ray-tracing features made possible through GeForce RTX.
UPDATE: Google has dropped a brief teaser trailer to build hype ahead of its imminent next-gen console announcement. 




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