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The upcoming furry kung-fu action game Biomutant is all about creating the deadliest, furriest, martial arts master in a sprawling open world. One of the major pillars of its gameplay is the action - which was shown off in a previous trailer already - but the other pillar is its world, and THQ Nordic has just released a brand new trailer showcasing the gorgeous environments. 
Experiment 101’s upcoming furry kung-fu RPG known as Biomutant is finally launching this year on May 25th after a long quiet period following the game’s delay. But as it turns out, the new title will be available on EA Play Pro on launch day, providing a cheap alternative to playing the game for that month.
The furry kung-fu action fable from THQ Nordic, Biomutant, is now officially launching on May 25th this year. After some delays and a long quiet period from the developers, it is now actually coming, and for those who have been asking for some more gameplay until release they have now revealed a new combat gameplay trailer.
THQ's upcoming furry kung-fu adventure is launching on May 25th this year, and in anticipation the developers have already revealed the official PC system requirements for the game. There a few noteworthy issues, but overall you won't need the latest hardware that you can't even buy to run Biomutant at its best at least.
It’s a sad thing to admit but the games industry is unfortunately rife with unpaid overtime, unrealistic deadlines, and releasing unfinished, buggy products at launch. It is fair to say then, that it’s a breath of fresh air when Experiment 101, the developers behind the upcoming Biomutant, revealed that their silence last year was to ensure the game shipped in a polished and stable state, as well as avoiding crunch time as much as possible.
The much anticipated furry Kung-Fu action-adventure game Biomutant finally has an official release date. Although it may not have the same scope or hype surrounding it as Cyberpunk 2077 had up until launch, the game has been in development for a while and with what little has been shown of it, a lot of excitement has been brewing lately.
THQ Nordic have been pretty shy when it comes to information regarding Biomutant, their latest Kung-Fu action adventure game. The last we saw of it was June of last year with a 10 minute gameplay trailer, and has been delayed twice since it’s first announcement. However, recent info points towards a release by the end of March this year.
It’s been a while since we saw anything related to Biomutant, the furry kung-fu action game that sees players transform and mutate their characters in order to adapt to their surroundings. Last time we saw anything was back at the end of December in 2018 with a gamplay sizzle reel, and only recently heard again from the developers providing an update on the game’s release date. But no we have some actual gameplay, 10 minutes of it to be precise, which shows a bit more about the world and it’s characters.
Remember that game that was announced almost 3 years ago? You know, that one made by some of the guys who worked on the Just Cause franchise? The one where you could mash a rabbit and a turtle together and make a kung-fu bounty hunter? Yeah that one!
It’s quietly existing outside of the hype cycle, but post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable RPG Biomutant appears to be shaping up to be quite a game. Publisher THQ Nordic has revealed a new gameplay trailer for Experiment 101’s open-world game, demonstrating the many and varied gameplay styles and environments that form this bizarre-looking game.
Experiment 101 revealed a whole lot more about its upcoming action-adventure RPG ‘Biomutant’ this weekend, including a brand spanking new trailer. Biomutant centres around an anthropomorphic animal who has, well, mutated. There's a massive tree at the centre of the world that's been poisoned, and it’s down to the Biomutant to head to the tip of each of the tree’s five roots in order to tackle the big bosses doing the poisoning, the treacherous swine that they are.