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Update: In what was quite possibly one of the worst structures for a livestream reveal, EA has now officially revealed the next chapter in the Battlefield universe. Unfortunately we only got a reveal trailer, which didn’t even announce the release date, but we do know that a gameplay trailer is coming sometime this weekend.
Electronic Arts must be having a field day with all the leaks that have been coming out regarding the next entry in the Battlefield franchise. Well now we can add even more to the list as some gameplay screenshots have supposedly been leaked too, as well as some new information on its official name and gameplay mechanics.
In the past few months we’ve been getting more and more news about EA’s next Battlefield game. Although we’re short on any official information, multiple leaks and rumors have come out leading up to the Spring reveal event that EA promised back in February. Now we have an official date for the reveal at least.
As we all wait for the official reveal of EA and DICE’s next big shooty-shooty game next month, we’ve been having a lot of leaks coming out with brief snippets and blurry screenshots of the trailer. Now it seems like the full trailer has been leaked online, though in very low quality.
As the lead up to the official reveal of the next Battlefield continues, many leaks and rumors have so far surfaced. After getting a couple leaked screenshots earlier this month, we now have even more images that have supposedly come from the upcoming reveal trailer. They’re quite low quality, but they do give us some indication as to what we can expect.
As anticipation rises for the next installment in the Battlefield series, fans have been eagerly awaiting an official reveal after multiple leaks and rumors pointed towards a near-future setting. Previous reports suggested the trailer was supposed to come out last week, but now it looks like we’ll have to wait until next month.
There are three constants in life: death, taxes, and a new Battlefield game every couple years. Anticipation for the next official Battlefield game has been slowly ramping up after EA has teased the next installment for a while now, but everyone has been wondering whether it will return to the modern day setting, or stick to the historical WW1/WW2/Vietnam era. Well, a new leak suggests it could be something entirely different…
The next entry in the Battlefield series is supposed to be releasing later this year, but up until now we haven’t seen much of it yet. So in a surprise announcement, EA and Dice said that they will be revealing the next Battlefield game very soon, and dropped some exciting info for the next installment, plus revealed a mobile Battlefield game is coming as well.
Electronic Arts have just revealed that the next Need for Speed has been delayed by at least a year as they pull Criterion to help DICE on developing Battlefield 6, which has apparently been slowed down by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The next NFS game is now expected sometime in 2022.
It’s been a long wait since the last Battlefield game came out, or at least long by normal standards of Battlefield releases that is. Though good news for anyone who has been anticipating the next entry in the series as EA has just confirmed that Battlefield 6 will be officially revealed this Spring, and promises the biggest Battlefield game yet.
In a recent earnings call for EA, the company reaffirmed that the next title in the Battlefield series will be launching in Holiday 2021, with more information coming in the next few months. Additionally, it will apparently be of a “never-before-seen scale,” taking full advantage of the next-gen console platforms.