With the gaming community currently experiencing collective meltdown every time Valve so much as breathes, it has come to light that the “Half-Life 3” trademark listed on the European Union's Trade Marks and Designs (OHIM) website last week was a fake.

The entry disappeared after being listed on the site a little over a week, having never been officially checked or authenticated prior to its removal...

Rumoured Half-Life 3 Concept Art

It's not all bad news for increasingly ageing, desperate fans of the franchise, however. The fake listing doesn't undermine last week's leak of Valve's Jira account, which apparently revealed a team of 46 staff members assigned to the elusive title. The leak gave details of some of Valve's more prominent names working on Half-Life 3, as well as listing a development team for Left 4 Dead 3.

Although the Portal 3 trademark listed a couple of days after Half-Life 3 appears to still be active, the proximity of the two makes its legitimacy questionable. However, it is worth noting that the Portal listing does appear to have been officially verified by the relevant authorities, despite the fact that there was no mention of any team assigned to Portal 3 on Jira. The mystery deepens...

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