A user on NeoGAF has conveniently discovered a loophole in Valve’s Internal User Picker software, as it was opened up to all and sundry for public viewing last night.

The link is down but it was open long enough for the ever-busy denizens of the internet to snatch a few screen-grabs that sure enough seem to suggest the existence of the ridiculously long-awaited Half-Life 3

Valve's Internal Development Picker

Many nearly full-grown adults had only just gotten out of their nappies back when Half-Life 2 was released nearly a decade ago, and yet Valve still refuses to divulge the existence of what would surely be one of the most hotly-anticipated games ever.

The leaked image shows the various internal development groups over at Valve, including one not-so-sneakily labeled ‘Half-Life 3’, with 46 staff members assigned to it. This looks like a gathering storm of evidence beginning to finally point towards the games existence.

Of course, this all seems too good to be true, and more than a little convenient the day after Valve trademarked the Half-Life 3 name, yet as ever we, the gaming public, cling onto Valve’s every word, hoping against hope.

Amid last week’s many Steam-based announcements it seemed like there was only one thing missing, and that was Half-Life 3. As Valve look to make inroads into the console market, they are surely going to need a console-style launch, with the fanfare that brings with it. What do console launches need? Launch games. The big question is whether the internet would implode upon itself should this happen.

How would you feel about Half-Life 3 launching alongside the Steam Machines?

Do you think Valve will aim for a Linux-only release, to herd people over to SteamOS as quickly as possible?

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