The Indie chaps developing Grim Dawn, Crate Entertainment, are keen to keep the fans up to speed with development. As they build on their isometric  post-apocalypse action adventure they continue to release developer blogs. The latest one covers in-game randomization of proximity events.

Here is what they have to say...


"The mysterious crop-circle looking things in the image are a new feature we're experimenting with that generates randomized scenery. Levels that use these won't be totally randomized as the heightmap terrain currently remains fixed but these "setpieces" can allow us to more significantly randomize the location of important things within the level as well as the general scenery. For example, in the level below, I'm using setpieces to generate natural scenery, enemy spawn locations, human camps, and loot chests. So far, this seems to be a nice blend between hand-crafted and randomized. You get the visual quality and uniqueness of hand-crafted terrain but some of the fun of exploring a level each time and never knowing quite what you might find or where.

We're also investigating methods of randomizing the path through the level by creating a bunch of different possible routes and then randomly closing some of them off with dynamically generated obstacles."


They are discussing the embedded image you see to the right. For a larger version of the image and other screenshots take a look over here