Normally, the GTA V screens we pick up are straight from Rockstar, but occasionally something else appears.

This time, there's a promo shot of the game that was found inside a Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition...

New GTA V Screenshot Revealed In Red Dead Redemption Box

We all receive fliers for products inside retail dvd boxes, and sometimes they are advertisements for things like Season Passes. In the recently released Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition box, a flier was found advertising GTA V, with a brand new image on top.

The flier clearly shows the three protagonist in a heist in progress. This is probably the same heist that was shown  in the first released trailer of the game. 

The description with the screenshot is rather interesting and reveals a lot more about the protagonists.

So what do you think about the above flier? Enough to whet your appetite for information? How well designed do you think these Heists will be? Tell us below!