The latest Witcher 2 Trailer is not in English but the dev chaps are chatting about their approach to the RED engine, which they have built to power the new Witcher 2 game.

Although they are trying to create the engine to keep requirements to a minimum (so that the game will run well on consoles) they do acknowledge that single core gaming systems are few and far between nowadays.

Here is a little bit from the trailer

'For example, we noticed that single-core processors are currently being abandoned faster and faster and should be in the minority by the time The Witcher 2 launches. Making our own technology, the RED Engine, from scratch, we decided to use as much of the gamers' processing power as possible and were doing so in a number of ways. The game has threads dedicated to very specific tasks that will allow the removal of load screens while keeping the processor requirements to a minimum'

The Witcher 2 Minimum System Requirements

Processor: dual core 2.2 GHz

RAM (Memory): 1GB(XP), 2GB(Vista)

Video Card: GeForce 8800 512MB or similar ATI


They finish off by saying

'Gamers owning newer PCs will be dazzled with the richness and breath of the Witchers world'

They intend on making their RED Engine available to other developers once the Witcher 2 has been released.