Anybody and their mom knows that the football/soccer scene on PC is mostly dominated by Electronic Arts’ FIFA series. However, over the years another contender has risen to popularity, known as Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series, also known as PES, and Konami recently announced their next entry in the PES franchise: a free-to-play sequel launching later this year.

eFootball is the new name (rebranded from eFootball PES) and it will be releasing this Autumn for PC and last/next-gen consoles, as well as iOS and Android devices soon after. Although the game will be free to play though, Konami revealed more modes and content will be released after launch, some of which will cost money.

As a digital-only title, Konami will regularly add new content and game modes after launch this Autumn,” said Konami. “In the future, certain game modes will be sold as optional DLC, giving players the freedom to build an experience that follows their interests.

It’s a pretty big change, and has the potential to be a real FIFA contender. Namely, the fact that it’s free to play will naturally bring more players, especially since it will also be coming to mobile devices. Additionally, these kinds of games have been largely criticized recently for their rinse and repeat formula whilst still charging $60 for a full game. 

Allowing players to instead pay for the content they want, as well as potentially updating the game every now and then, may be a better approach to these games now as every year feels rather like the same as the last.

Additionally, eFootball will include crossplay support between PC and consoles. Plus, there will be a Season Pass system, and a Team Building Mode much like the myClub mode in previous PES games though the official name is still to be confirmed. Check out the full eFootball roadmap below, going from this Autumn’s launch to Winter 2021:

What do you think? Are you excited for eFootball? Have you played many of the PES/FIFA games? Which series is your favorite? What do you like/dislike about each franchise? And what could the new free to play system bring to the new eFootball game? Let us know!

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