Last year at the EA Play Live 2020 event, a brand new Skate game was officially announced. At the time it was still very early in development, and since then fans have been asking about more news. Thankfully, EA has provided a behind the scenes update on Skate 4’s current development.

Unfortunately there’s no gameplay yet, and the developers even teased early gameplay by having some players actually see the game currently in development, whilst we only see their reactions. It’s essentially letting fans know that yes, they are still working, and provided no updates on an official release date.

There are some details we can gather from the BTS footage though, like how the game will likely be open world (unsurprising considering Skate 3 was semi-open world already) and multiplayer is back again. Though some things we’re clearly not ready to hear yet, so hopefully we’ll get more information soon.

What do you think? Are you excited for Skate 4? What’s your favorite skateboarding game? And when do you think we’ll see/learn more about Skate 4? Let us know!

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