Capcom has just released an update for their latest entry in the Resident Evil series which officially adds AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology for a free FPS performance boost. Additionally, they have also seemingly patched out the DRM stuttering issues brought up last week.

Last week it was revealed that a pirated version of Resident Evil 8 actually performed better than the base retail copy on PC, obviously sparking outcry to Capcom to officially fix the issue (finally) after 2+ months since release.

Back in June, a leak confirmed that FSR would be coming to a select few games, including Resident Evil 8, and today that is finally a reality. So far FSR has been working pretty well in terms of providing a performance boost whilst retaining image quality, and should help improve FPS in RE8, especially with ray tracing enabled.

Here’s the patch notes that Capcom revealed for Resident Evil Village:

  • FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) from AMD is now supported. FSR supports higher frame rates on PC for an improved gaming experience.
  • Adjustments have been made to optimize the anti-piracy technology.

Although it should come as good news for players, reality is often disappointing (insert meme here). As it turns out, “optimize” and remove are two entirely different things, meaning many players are still experiencing stuttering issues whilst playing Resi Evil 8.

It’s likely then that Capcom have a contract with Denuvo and can’t simply remove it, as they usually remove the DRM long after the game’s release anyway. Then again, Denuvo specifically stated their version of DRM is not the cause of stuttering, and hinted it might be on Capcom’s end (since Capcom adds their own DRM on top of Denuvo as well).

Hopefully the issue will be completely fixed in the coming months, but it’s definitely a blow for PC players who actually bought and purchased the game who are still apparently getting a worse experience than pirates.

What do you think? Did you experience stuttering in Resident Evil 8? Has the new update fixed the issues? Or are you still experiencing stuttering after the update? And have you tried out FSR yet? If you have, what do you think of its implementation in RE8? Let us know!

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