Fans have been desperately asking for new Tom Clancy content from Ubisoft, and with the rise of free to play multiplayer Battle Royales it wouldn’t be surprising if Ubisoft made their own one set in the Tom Clancy universe. At least, that’s what previous rumors have hinted at. But it seems like today we’ll be getting an official answer as Ubisoft will be revealing a new Tom Clancy game later.

Last month, it was reported that Ubisoft was working on a new online game called ‘BattleCat’ which was essentially a multiplayer mashup of The Division, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon. It’s not clear if today’s reveal is exactly that, but here’s some gameplay that has been teased already:

Apparently some content creators and press have already been able to get their hands on the new game, hence why the above gameplay clip has been published already (originally posted on Twitter, this is a reupload on YouTube). Which looks an awful lot like a new first-person Division title, which certainly fits with the BattleCat rumors.

It’s also not exactly clear whether this is a new Battle Royale/Free to play game, or if it will just be an objective-based multiplayer game mode, or a squad-based shooter etc. Either way the official reveal is coming at 11am PT (2pm ET / 7pm BST) so hopefully we’ll learn something more concrete then.

What do you think? Are you excited for a new Tom Clancy game? What do you think it could be? Are you interested in a multiplayer mashup of already-established Tom Clancy IPs? Or would you like to see something new? Let us know!

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