As the new generation of consoles rolled out last year, many have been excited to see the major steps taken to make a truly next-gen looking game. But with a lot of new titles also supporting last-gen consoles, many have been worried that last-gen hardware is holding them back. But the developers of the highly anticipated and upcoming Forza Horizon 5 believe it is more like catering towards lower spec PCs.

Speaking in an interview recently, Mike Brown, the Principal Game Designer for Forza Horizon 5, talked about launching the game on Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One, and compared it to supporting a range a hardware on PC:

Well, since Horizon 3, we have already been on PC, and that means that we're already used to delivering a game on a whole range of system specifications. So having to have the game work on Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, PC, it isn't that different. I think having to support the Xbox One consoles is exactly the same amount of effort as it is to support a lower spec PC. We're actually feeling pretty great about all versions of the game, to be honest.

Additionally, Brown mentioned why the location of Mexico was chosen for FH5. The series has focused on big and varied environments before, but the new entry seems to take it to a whole other level. As Brown puts it: “there's not any point being bigger if it's more of the same.

It's almost like the whole world in one country, because you have volcanoes, snowy mountains, canyons, jungles, rolling hills, ancient cities, like really modern beachfront hotels, various different flavors of desert. And all that comes together to create an open world that is just so much fun to explore - every area you go into, you're seeing new things, experiencing new things.

Then you add on top of this incredible, diverse open world the fact that Mexico has this culture that's known and loved all over the world: the art, the music, the people. I think we ended up in a place where there just couldn't have been a more exciting option for the Horizon festival.

Forza Horizon 5 is launching on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on November 9th, and whilst we’re still a while away from release we already know the official minimum PC system requirements.

What do you think? Are you excited for Forza Horizon 5? Do you agree with Brown’s statement above? Or do you think last-gen consoles are holding games back from feeling truly next-gen? And what do you think about the Mexico location? Let us know!

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