When it launched in 2016, Blizzard announced they had no plans to introduce crossplay support into their multiplayer hero shooter, but later said they might look into it in order to “bring players together”. Well now that has been confirmed as Blizzard revealed crossplay support is officially coming to Overwatch soon.

It’s a little bit complicated though since it will be in Beta, and so some features are specific to which platform you're playing on. There’s an official FAQ that Blizzard put together to dig into more details about it, but a recent developer video also explains the most important bits:

In short, if you have crossplay enabled you will be matched with PC and console players (if you’re playing on a PC). On console though, you will only be matched with other console players unless you party up with PC players.

In order to enable crossplay on consoles you need to login to Battle.net or create an account if you don’t have one already. If you’re on PC though you don’t need to do anything as crossplay is automatically enabled and can’t be disabled.

Interestingly, the surprise announcement also seemingly confirms that Overwatch 2 will also include crossplay. Though it's not confirmed whether cross-progression will be included, since it is not included in the crossplay Beta for Overwatch 1.

What do you think? Are you excited for crossplay in Overwatch? Do you still play it? How will crossplay affect PC players? Let us know!

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