We are merely a few days away from the official beginning of E3 2021, and although most attendees have already revealed their showtimes and whatnot, Capcom has just confirmed what they will be showing off during their own showcase, and it looks to be more like updates to existing games rather than new games and announcements outright.

Capcom recently stated that their own showcase is starting on June 14th at 2:30pm PT (5:30pm ET / 10:30pm BST) and that they will be showing off Resident Evil 8, Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Obviously one of the biggest games mentioned there is Resident Evil Village, which has already been released at this point. So whatever Capcom is going to talk about there must be related to some possible upcoming DLC. Monster Hunter Rise is also already out (albeit, not for PC just yet) so Capcom must be planning to talk about any upcoming updates for that one.

Both Monster Hunter Stories 2 and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are coming out in July, so it’s likely we’ll see more of those two ahead of their launch. As for what else Capcom has planned to reveal at their show? There’s nothing quite concrete yet, but there have been rumors of a Dragon's Dogma 2 and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition for PC announcement.

They’ll also most likely show off more of their multiplayer spinoff Resident Evil Re:Verse since that came packaged with RE8 and was delayed to Summer 2021. Speaking of Res Evil Village, the massive Capcom leak from last year suggested the DLC would be focused on multiplayer, but we’ll have to wait and see during Capcom’s E3 showcase.

What do you think? Are you interested in DLC for Resident Evil 8? What could it be? And how do you feel about multiplayer for it? What other game are you excited to see/hear more about at Capcom’s showcase? And what do you think they have secretly planned to reveal, if anything? Let us know!

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