As we begin to see E3 2021 just over the horizon, we’re starting to get new leaks regarding some upcoming titles. The latest is a new Tom Clancy’s The Division game known as BattleCat, which will apparently be a new multiplayer mashup of Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and The Division.

The leak was shared online by user named Zer0_Bytes, a well known leaker who previously released early assets for other Ubisoft multiplayer games like Rainbow Six: Siege and the newly renamed spinoff Rainbow Six Extraction. They also shared images of BattleCat, but they have unfortunately been taken down now.

So the sources seem credible and the images look legitimate, but what exactly is BattleCat? Well, it seems to be another multiplayer competitive FPS title that incorporates unique class abilities as well as various game modes. The images themselves seem to be promotional material for internal use or for Alpha testers, as they explain certain gameplay information.

In terms of the mashup between other Tom Clancy IPs, BattleCat will feature prominent characters and factions from those titles such as the Echelon from Splinter Cell, the Wolves from Ghost Recon, and the Cleaners and Outcasts from The Division. Each one with their own distinct abilities.

For instance, Echelon are a stealthy group and so their ability is to hide themselves on the minimap, or the Wolves who have additional armor, and an ultimate ability for the Cleaners which prevents nearby allies from dying for a short time.

Various game modes are also mentioned in the images, like “Escort” and “Ringleader”. Escort sees players trying to escort a package to a certain area, whilst other players try to intercept it. Ringleader requires players to collect rings from dead enemies, whilst you’re trying to not die and lose rings yourself.

So far it seems to be in early stages of development, and the leak suggests we won’t be seeing anything official at the Ubisoft Forward event during E3 2021. Since it is a Division spinoff, and Ubisoft is already working on The Division Heartland - itself another spinoff from the series - we wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out to be another free to play title.

Then again, it seems to be using the same engine Ubi uses for The Division games anyway, and considering Ubisoft already mentioned they are still working on content for The Division 2, maybe it could just be a separate game mode within that game? That’s pure speculation from our part, but from the images some of the UI and art design looks almost identical to The Division 2.

What do you think? Would you be interested in The Division BattleCat? What exactly could it be? Let us know your thoughts!

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