A long time ago Ubisoft debuted a limited-time event in popular multiplayer competitive shooter Rainbow Six: Siege. Since then they have teased an official spinoff that has been delayed multiple times, but Ubisoft has confirmed that they will be showing it off at E3 2021, as well as confirming the new name.

Rainbow Six Extraction is the new name for Rainbow Six Quarantine, the latter of which is understandably not a very sensitive title during an ongoing global pandemic. There were rumors of the name changing to Rainbow Six Parasite, but Ubisoft quickly denied those reports. A new teaser has also been released:

During a developer video, some of the team behind R6 Extraction explained more about the name change as well as what we can expect during the reveal at E3 2021 which includes some official gameplay as well as a deep dive into the game’s mechanics and features.

You'll be facing an always evolving alien threat,” said Patrick Methe, Creative DIrector for Rainbow Six: Extraction. “You'll have plenty of different challenges to overcome, but will always have one goal in mind: Making sure no one gets left behind. It will be up to your and your squad to decide when to push forward, or when to extract. As you will soon discover, Extraction is truly the name of the game.

The full gameplay reveal will be shown during the Ubisoft Forward event at E3 2021, which is taking place on June 12th at 12pm PT (3pm ET / 8pm BST). You can also check out the official E3 2021 schedule overview here.

What do you think? Are you excited for Rainbow Six Extraction? What do you think of the name change? Do you like it? Or do you prefer one of the other titles? Let us know!

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