Electronic Arts must be having a field day with all the leaks that have been coming out regarding the next entry in the Battlefield franchise. Well now we can add even more to the list as some gameplay screenshots have supposedly been leaked too, as well as some new information on its official name and gameplay mechanics.

EA recently announced that they will be officially revealing Battlefield 6 on June 9th, just 2 days away, but according to some inside information there’s actually more that EA is planning here. Before we jump into that though, take a look at these leaked gameplay screenshots from a pre-Alpha build:

The screenshots aren’t of the highest quality, but they do look very convincing. They show a return to the Battlefield 4-esque UI and style and considering the leaked trailer recently it all seems to match up quite well. We’re unsure what the black lines are though, but they could be ways to protect the leaker’s identity.

Now take this next part with a grain of salt though, as screenshots are a little more convincing than words on a page, but with all the leaks coming out already we wouldn’t be surprised if these are even somewhat true.

The first bit of news states that BF6 will actually be called Battlefield 2042. Longtime Battlefield players will recognize that significant date as 100 years after the first Battlefield game (Battlefield 1942) as well as 100 years before the sci-fi entry Battlefield 2142 that came out in 2006.

There will also be 64 v 64 matches on the biggest maps in the franchise so far, with teams able to capture ‘sectors’ permanently that are themselves the size of a Battlefield 3 map. There will also be dynamic weather events such as tornadoes and twisters during games, as well as the return of Levolutions.

Additionally, a ’professionals’ mechanic will see specialist classes with unique abilities and gadgets, for instance a Medic class with a healing dart. Squads will also be able to call in vehicles like ATVs, and you can hold multiple attachments on you to switch out mid-combat (e.g.: swapping out a red dot sight with a scope).

Lastly, there will also apparently be wingsuits that players can use, as well as grappling hooks and ziplines that can be deployed by players. Also, despite launching on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as next-gen consoles, cross-gen multiplayer will not be included at launch.

What do you think? Are you excited for Battlefield 6? How do you feel about the gameplay screenshots above? And what do you think of the gameplay mechanics information? Are you more interested now than before? Let us know!

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