Video games are a source for all sorts of creativity, mainly due to their interactive nature (you can’t make mods for movies, or interact with music the same way you would a video game). But one popular feature that has been making its way into games recently is a Photo Mode, and although it has always been met with nothing but positive reactions, how often do you actually use Photo Mode in games?

Lots of games recently have included some form of Photo Mode, hell 3 big games of last month all included Photo Mode: Resident Evil 8, Days Gone, and Biomutant all had the feature at launch. Since then I myself have been playing around with them a lot, but never found myself too invested in it to warrant breaking immersion.

In that regard, maybe Photo Mode is more useful during New Game+ runs, where you have the freedom to break immersion whenever you want without worry of it affecting your experience with the story and gameplay.

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but Photo Mode definitely breaks immersion for me that I can never bring myself to use it in my first playthrough because I’m so busy invested in the game’s world and characters and story that I forget about it. Only when I restart my playthrough do I truly wish to capture the game’s beauty in various screenshots.

Now I’m no developer, but Photo Mode seems like a relatively easy feature to implement. If I am wrong and you’re a developer yourself then please feel free to tell me why am I wrong in the discussion area because I’m genuinely curious. Anyway, my point is despite never really using Photo Mode all that much, it is a nice feature to have, and all games should have it one wat or another.

Then that begs the question: what needs to improve in order to make it the best it can possibly be? The more freedom for users to create something the better, so as Photo mode gets more and more widely adopted, we see new features and tools implemented to help us get the very best pics. But what more needs added? What needs to change?

I for one welcome our new Photo Mode overlords. Even if I don’t use it much myself, it’s always great to see what amazing pictures some people are able to capture online, and maybe one day I’ll actually improve my photography skills a bit.

What do you think? How often do you use Photo Mode in games? Do you enjoying using it? Or do you never bother touching it? Does it break the immersion for you? And what needs to change or be added in order to make it better? Let’s debate!

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