A while ago Steam launched Developer and Publisher Homepages that allows customers to view and purchase games from particular devs and publishers. Say, if you liked Capcom and wanted to check out all of their previously-released games, you can do so. Well the PlayStation Studios Steam Curator page is up, and it hints at even more Sony exclusives to be announced.

Recently Sony has revealed they have plans to bring even more PlayStation exclusive titles to PC, a move which has seen mass appeal thanks to some top-rated console exclusives finally available to more players, like last year’s Horizon: Zero Dawn and tomorrow’s Days Gone.

(Days Gone is listed separately under "Upcoming Releases")

However, the rest of Sony’s slate has yet to be confirmed. Currently, there are only 4 titles the publisher has released on Steam, and apart from the 2 mentioned above that leaves Predator: Hunting Grounds and Helldivers. Including all the DLC for those last 2 games, that’s 25 items in total the publisher has on sale on Steam (Days Gone is counted separately as an "upcoming release").

But if you scroll to their “About” page, Steam says there are “41 Games” by the publisher, which means there are at least 16 titles unaccounted for/hidden on the Steam store.

Obviously some of that could be DLC, since Steam for some reason counts DLC under “games”. However, the last 2 major releases (HZD and Days Gone) are premium AAA experiences, so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that at least some of those 17 titles are single player exclusives.

Then again, it could just be Sony’s next game to be announced for PC, with 16 DLCs all lined up as well. Or it’s exactly 16 AAA games from the publisher. It could go either way, but this shows Sony has a lot more information they plan to share at some point in the future.

What do you think? Are you excited for more PlayStation exclusives on PC? What do you think those 17 ‘games’ could be? Which one are you most hoping to see get a PC port? Let us know!

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