As the state of PC hardware still shows no signs of getting any better, many users will have by now heard of the global chip shortage that is affecting many manufacturers across the globe. We’ve had a lot of big tech companies come out to say it won’t get much better anytime soon, but now the tech giant IBM has also chimed in.

Speaking in a recent interview the President of IBM, Jim Whitehurst, mentioned how the reason why we’ll be waiting for so long for the chip shortage to alleviate is because it just takes so long to build a new fab:

There’s just a big lag between from when a technology is developed and when [a fab] goes into construction and when chips come out,” said Whitehurst. “So frankly, we are looking at couple of years...  before we get enough incremental capacity online to alleviate all aspects of the chip shortage.

That makes sense considering big fabs like TSMC have so far been up to 30% behind in demand, and so in order to bolster capacity they will be spending $100 billion to build new fabs. But that takes time to construct, and only once that is done can they even start to help in catching up with demand. So it will be a couple of years until we even start seeing capacity build back up, and even longer until it is completely alleviated.

Intel too mentioned the same thing recently, both them and TSMC said the global chip shortage could last until 2023, with the former tech giant even opening up their own foundries to other companies and manufacture chips for other clients.

Of course, the chip shortage affects more industries than just PC hardware, with automobile manufacturers getting hit the hardest. That resulted in Nvidia, AMD, and Intel urging the US president to increase chip production in America, allowing them to compete against the currently-dominant Asian fabs.

That’s all to say once again things aren’t looking too good for the global chip shortage, and we’ll still be waiting a while for supply to catch up with demand. For PC gamers? That means we can expect GPU shortages to continue until next year, which is all the more reason an official graphics card from Intel is quite exciting.

What do you think? When will the chip shortage end? How long until GPU stock is back to normal? Do you think graphics card prices will normalize to MSRP afterwards? Or will it take a while for prices to return to normal? Let us know!