We are just 1 month away from the return of Summer’s biggest gaming event as E3 2021 makes a return this year after an official cancellation last year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The organizers of the event, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), have now detailed the official E3 2021 online portal and app for fans.

This year’s E3 2021 will be an all-digital event that will take place completely online and free for all fans. Recently the ESA has detailed the exact ways fans can access the online convention and take part in certain online events.

E3 2021 will run from June 12th-15th, and during that time users can log into the official online portal and app which will remain as the main hub for the entire show. Here, you can take part in “virtual “booths,” hosted events, video conferencing, profile and avatar creation, online forums and more.

Interestingly, it seems that despite this year’s E3 being all-digital due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, future physical events will also keep the online portal and app as a core part of the experience: “From the moment we decided to host E3 virtually, we’ve been focused on providing an interactive experience for fans around the globe that goes beyond the typical livestream,” said the President & CEO of the ESA, Stanley Pierre-Louis.

The result is a bespoke online portal and app that will allow fans, media and industry professionals to have an E3 experience designed to run parallel to the four-day broadcast, laying the foundation for interactive E3 elements to continue beyond this year’s all-virtual show.

Those who want to use the online portal and app will have to register for access, which will apparently begin “later this month.

As for what specifically the app and portal will include, the ESA detailed out the following:

  • Exhibitor Booths – Featuring special events, VOD content and articles, exhibitor booths will act as hubs within the portal for key announcements and game information tied to each exhibitor
  • Lounges – Online gathering spots for all E3 attendees
  • Forums – Special boards for focused online discussion and sharing among attendees
  • Leaderboards – Gamified show elements that can be collected and displayed, encouraging fans to interact in as many ways as possible
  • Profile Creation – All attendees can create their own unique profiles within the portal and app, which can be customized

Of course, that’s not all that E3 2021 will consist of, as there will be an official E3 live broadcast hosted by various talents - which can also be accessed from the online portal and app. The broadcast will even feature interactive elements including “viewer polls, featured tweets, and more” as well as “major publisher showcases, press conferences, industry panels, extended livestreams and special guest appearances.

What do you think? Are you excited for E3 2021? Will you be following along with the E3 online portal and app? What are you hoping to see the most at this year’s event? Let us know!

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