Mods are a gamer’s best friend. It’s no secret that some of the biggest and most active communities of games have some form of mod support. Some can add all new content, whilst others can enhance the overall gameplay experience for a second playthrough. But one of the best graphics overhaul mods out there for The Witcher 3 may be getting official implementation into the next-gen version.

CD Projekt Red recently revealed that they are working on a next-gen version for The Witcher 3 which will, unsurprisingly, be developed for next-gen consoles and will be launching later this year. There’s no new content, but it promises an upgrade in visuals and even supports ray traced lighting.

And if you’ve ever played The Witcher 3 chances are you’ve browsed some mods, and chances are you’ve come across The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project which is a substantial overhaul of almost every texture and model present in the game. TW3 came out in 2015, but some of the textures and models can look a little blurry or janky in modern day, so this mod aims to rework them and enhance the graphical quality.

But in the latest update video for the mod, creator Halk Hogan updated fans on why it has taken so long to provide a new update and what they been up to recently, and it turns out it is some pretty good news: “Hello my dear friends! It's been a long time since the last video. I know I announced a new HDRP preview in early March but I was silent the whole time. Sorry for that. But in return, I have some good news, and the reasons why I was quiet and why I don't have too much to show.

I think the most important news is that I got an official message from CDPR about cooperation. While it's not certain yet, it's very likely that HDRP will be included in the official next generation update. I will inform you what's next. As always, I would like to thank you for all your support and kind words.

It will be interesting to see if this collaboration actually happens, as even though Hogan themselves only updates textures to increase the quality, there is some creative license at liberty there. So CDPR may dip their own hands into the project and rework some of the rework themselves in order to stylistically bring it more in line with their original vision.

That said, Hogan has done a terrific job on this mod in terms of updating the textures and models whilst remaining faithful to the original. So maybe no changes will be made, but it’s always wholesome to see a longtime fan be rewarded by the original developers in some capacity.

What do you think? Are you excited for The Witcher 3 next-gen? Have you ever used graphical overhaul mods like the HD Reworked Project? Have you used the HD Reworked Project for TW3 before? Let us know!

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