Rejoice! For the world of game demos is coming back. Slow, but steady, but at least it’s a start. If you’re excited for the upcoming PC demo for Resident Evil 8 then you’re in luck! Because Capcom has just made it available for pre-loading, so you can download it now and start playing the demo as soon as it is officially available.

Just to clarify: this demo is not yet available to play, as it will become available on May 1st/2nd depending on your region. It is just available to pre-load now. The Resident Evil 8 PC demo is available to pre-load now on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

Here’s a quick breakdown of when the RE8 PC demo will go live in your region:

Start May 1st (5pm) May 1st (8pm) May 2nd (1am) May 2nd (2am) May 2nd (8am) May 2nd (10am)
End May 9th (5pm) May 9th (8pm) May 10th (1am) May 10th (2am) May 10th (8am) May 10th (10am)

The limited-time demo is only available for 8 days (after being extended from only 24 hours), and once you start playing you have 1 hour to play as much as you want before it’s over. If you were ever excited for the Resident Evil 2 Remake when that was coming out, then this demo seems to mimic the same ‘one-shot’ demo that came out before RE2 Remake.

Let us know if you end up playing it this weekend! Or plan to set some time aside next week to play it. And then once you have, let us know what you think of it!

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