Video games, movies, books etc. all are forms of media that can have a profound emotional reaction on those who are consuming it. Art, no matter the medium, can have a long lasting effect, and some experiences we will never forget. So today we want to ask you guys: what PC game have you played that you will never forget?

Now I think for this discussion, it would be really easy to just put your favorite game of all time as the one you’ll never forget (I mean, it’s your favorite for a reason am I right?). So to make it sort of fair, try and only mention 1 game and it can’t be your favorite game of all time (if you have one that is).

For instance, and I know this is a pretty mainstream answer, but my favorite game of all time is The Witcher 3. That game had such a profound impact on me emotionally that I will never forget my journey with it, and can recall dozens of significant moments that I always bring up with friends who have never played or even heard of it.

But in the context of this discussion, that would be cheating, so my next best pick for the game that I will never forget would be Death Stranding. There are hundreds of other games out there that I would pick, but for me the reason it goes to Death Stranding is just how unique the game is. I can safely say that I have never played a game like it before, and it too had a massive impact on me throughout the journey and eventually the ending.

But your pick does not have to be a single player game like mine. Maybe it’s your first ever experience playing a video game, with you sitting on the floor gawking at Super Mario 64 with a friend. Or maybe it’s a fond memory you have of playing a co-op game with your sibling? Or maybe it’s a game that you have been playing for 10 years non-stop because you’re so committed to it that it has become a significant part of your life.

So that’s my pick for the PC game that I will never forget, but what about you? What PC game have you played that you will never forget? What kind of game was it? How old were you? Was it recent? Or from your childhood? Was it because of an experience you had that you shared with someone else? Or was it because of the story from a single player game that had you crying until 4am? (totally didn’t happen to me) Let’s debate!

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