To follow on from our Up For Debate a couple weeks ago where we asked “what do you want for the next Assassins Creed?”, we thought we’d ask you guys about another upcoming game that is most likely in development: Grand Theft Auto 6. Or, more specifically, the online component for it.

The reason why we’re starting off with Grand Theft Auto 6 Online rather than the single player portion itself, is because we thought it would be a nice change of pace to talk about the multiplayer side of things. We’ll probably do a “what do you want from GTA 6?” a few weeks from now that focuses specifically on the single player portion, but for now we’re talking exclusively about the multiplayer.

It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto Online is currently Rockstar’s biggest moneymaker, and considering the lucrative impact it has had on the GTA scene, we’re likely to see a newer version when GTA 6 eventually rolls out (whenever that may be). Whether you enjoy GTA Online or not, what would you like to see change in the next installment? And what would you like to see stay?

I think I can speak for everyone when I mention that solo players are a little annoyed at the continued support for expansions and DLC in the online version of Grand Theft Auto, as to this day no official DLC has been released for Grand Theft Auto 5 after 8 years (and has even seen significant backlash for Red Dead Redemption 2, which has also not had any DLC come out for the single player version of the game since release).

That said, the fact that all the DLC and expansions come free of charge to players is a nice thing, and considering Rockstar probably won’t get rid of any in-game monetization that rakes in the big bucks, free DLC for GTA Online is likely here to stay.

But what about anything else? What changes to GTA Online would you like to see in Grand Theft Auto VI? What do you think works and you’d like to see carry over? What should be improved? And how much do you play Grand Theft Auto Online at the moment? Let’s debate!

Our Favorite Comments
"Couldnt care less about gta online, dont want to grind for hunder of hours just to get an item"
"I just hope that GTA 6 is not multiplayer only game"
"F**k online. Just wanna good singleplayer, intense story with lots of side activities and no online service SP crap."
"not interested in GTA in general. Rockstar is making same game for 20 years."
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