Experiment 101’s upcoming furry kung-fu RPG known as Biomutant is finally launching this year on May 25th after a long quiet period following the game’s delay. But as it turns out, the new title will be available on EA Play Pro on launch day, providing a cheap alternative to playing the game for that month.

However, that means if you own Xbox Game Pass on PC already, you won’t be able to take advantage of the offer, as only the base EA Play is available on Game Pass for free and not EA Play Pro. So you'll need to sign up to EA Play Pro independently in order to play Biomutant on day 1.

EA Play Pro offers a subscription service that allows access to a huge catalogue of games from EA. Where the base EA Play has a limited amount of features, EA Play Pro offers players the chance to play brand new games at launch and even sometimes slightly before release.

Still, that’s $15 to play a game for a whole month that would otherwise cost full price, so is no doubt a worthy deal if you don’t mind not actually owning the game. But hey, sales are a thing and you can always buy the game at a later date.

What do you think? Are you excited for Biomutant? Will you be playing it on day 1 with EA Play Pro? Or will you be buying the game on launch day instead? Let us know!

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