Some custom AIB prices for the upcoming RTX 3060 graphics card have been revealed, and they are currently more expensive than an RTX 3060 Ti. Not only that, but scalpers have already managed to buy up lots of stock and started to sell them on reseller sites at a massive premium cost.

RTX 3060 is currently set to launch on February 25th, but some leaked pictures show an unidentified retailer already has some stock and planning to sell the GPUs at a much higher price than MSRP. In fact, some of these prices are even more expensive than an RTX 3060 Ti - the higher-end variant of the RTX 3060.

According to the pictures, prices for the RTX 3060 range anywhere from $485 as the minimum, and up to $515 as the maximum. Either way you look at it, that’s a steep increase over the original $329 MSRP.

Here’s a breakdown of the graphics cards above and prices as well as their % increase over MSRP:

Model MSRP Retail price % increase over MSRP
MSI RTX 3060 Gaming X Trio $329 $514.99 57%
MSI RTX 3060 Ventus X2 $484.99 47%
Zotac RTX 3060 Twin Edge OC $499.99 52%
Asus RTX 3060 ROG Strix OC
Asus RTX 3060 TUF Gaming OC $489.99 49%

Judging by the photos as well, it looks like there is at least a few dozen GPUs that are ready to be sold. It’s not clear if this is a small local shop, or a large retailer chain, but it is a worryingly small amount of cards if that’s all there is.

However, it seems like some people have managed to bag some RTX 3060 graphics cards already, as another reseller listed the cards very briefly on a Belarusian reseller site known as Onliner. The RTX 3060 cards in question were being sold for 2800 BYN, which is around $1080. However, the listings have since been pulled down from the store.

This is despite no drivers being available for the GPU, which essentially renders the card useless for gaming, but can still be used for mining. However, Nvidia have revealed that the RTX 3060 graphics cards will feature a crypto mining limiter that significantly reduces the overall mining performance, though already-sold graphics cards are not affected.

One thing that the reseller didn’t think of before putting up these GPUs for sale was to hide the official serial codes, which means Gigabyte can now track down where the cards were supposed to go and who sold them.

The current graphics card situation is an absolute crazyshow at the moment, with very limited stock that almost immediately gets bought by scalpers looking to resell at a premium, or cryptocurrency miners looking to transform their Internet Cafe into a mining farm in order to stay afloat.

What do you think? How do you feel about the increased retail prices? Would anyone actually buy them at the prices shown above? And will the RTX 3060 be sold out in minutes despite the price rise? Let us know your thoughts!

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