Bungie has been well known for the past couple decades for creating some of the most popular sci-fi games on the market, and their current plans for expansion means they will be exploring new opportunities for Destiny in “additional media” and have also committed to releasing a new non-Destiny IP by 2025.

Destiny 2 has become a very popular hit for the developers, and there’s no sign of slowing down at the moment: “The past several years have been a time of tremendous growth and opportunity for Bungie,” said Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie. “We are home to some of the brightest and best talent in the industry, and we look forward to expanding upon both our talent pool this year and increasing the resources to support them.

That means Bungie is looking to expand their studio in size and scope, with a brand new office in Amsterdam as well as an “extensive expansion” to their main studio in Washington, effectively doubling their size. Bungie says this will help to “increase the commitment to the long-term development of Destiny 2, tell new stories in the Destiny Universe, and create entirely new worlds in to-be-announced IPs.

But the studio isn’t just committed to supporting Destiny 2 even more, as they are looking to seek new opportunities in the Destiny Universe through other forms of media. Vice President of the Destiny Universe, Mark Noseworthy, and the Executive Creative Producer, Luke Smith, have both been put in charge to “oversee and prepare for the expansion of the Destiny Universe into additional media.

Whatever that is is still a mystery at this point, but judging how a lot of studios are turning their own IPs into TV shows like Bethesda with Fallout, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Bungie were looking into potential movies or TV shows as well.

But it’s the last point made that has a lot of people excited: a brand new IP from Bungie. “Bungie has appointed Jonny Ebbert (Chief Creative Officer) and Zach Russell (General Manager, Incubation) to build and drive the creative vision and foundation for Bungie's future worlds alongside the next generation of leaders at Bungie, with plans to bring at least one new IP to market before 2025. Jason Jones (Chief Vision Officer) takes on a talent-facing role to help Bungie's top creative leadership unlock their full potential at the company.

What do you think? What “additional media” would you be interested in Destiny exploring? A movie? A TV show? Or something else? And are you excited for a new IP from Bungie? What do you think it could be? Another sci-fi shooter? Or something else? Let us know!

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