For a while now there have been rumors of a new Silent Hill game in the works from Konami, but new information suggests that Konami is actually outsourcing their IP development to other studios, and Bloober Team may be working on the next Silent Hill project.

It all started when Bloober Team teased they were working on a new Horror project with a famous publisher: “We’ve been working for more than a year on another gaming project, another horror IP, and we’re doing this with a very famous gaming publisher,” said Piotr Babieno, CEO at Bloober Team. “I can’t tell you who. I can’t tell you what the project is, but I’m pretty sure when people realize we’re working on it, they will be very excited.

This obviously led to fans speculating what game series they are working on, with Silent Hill making the most sense. Just recently, Akira Yamaoka, the composer behind many of the original Silent Hill games, teased that he is working on a new project that he thinks is the one fans are kinda hoping to hear about.

But Yamaoka recently worked on The Medium by Bloober Team, so the idea of working with the a well known horror developer again on a well known horror franchise is not a very far stretch.

If that is true, then it means Konami is open to outsourcing their most valued IPs to other developers, and could even include iconic series like Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania. 

That still lines up with Konami continuing to publish video games without selling their most beloved IPs, as the company recently started to dissolve their internal development teams sparking rumors that they would indeed sell them to other companies.

Could this mean Hideo Kojima himself could be back developing a new Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill game in the future? Probably not, but one can dream at least.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a Silent Hill game from Bloober Team? Who else would you trust to make a Silent Hill title? And who would you trust to make a new Metal Gear Solid game other than Hideo Kojima? Let us know!

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