The Epic Games Store, while not having the best of reputations among PC gamers so far, did really well in 2020. Although this was mostly in part to their free games every week as well as major store discounts and free coupons, it was also largely due to the many exclusive titles that came out, whether timed or not.

Major titles such as Borderlands 3, Metro: Exodus, Control, The Outer Worlds, and more recently, Hades have all seen timed exclusive deals on the Epic Store, and looking at the numbers you’d be forgiven in thinking that Epic is slowing down on the exclusivity deals. But it seems like that will definitely not be the case.

When asked about the store’s strategy for exclusives in the future, a representative for Epic Games said: “we have more exclusives coming in the next two years than we have published to date.

So get ready for even more exclusive titles on the Epic Games Store, as the company is showing no signs of slowing down on their strategy.

More interesting however, is the prospect on what that means for new and unannounced games. Considering there are roughly 115 games that have been released so far either as a full or timed exclusive on the EGS, and around 21 unreleased games that we know will be exclusives to the store, that suggests there’s at least another 95 games that have not yet been announced.

That’s not necessarily news considering games are always in development, and I’m sure 100x that many games are currently being worked on, but it’s still exciting nonetheless when you look at the numbers at least.

What do you think? How do you feel about the Epic Games Store in 2021? How do you feel about even more EGS exclusives coming? And how do you feel about timed exclusives on there? Let us know!

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"I do not mind it as long as it helps smaller or indie developers or the ones who want to self-publish like IO Interactive or even help developers like Remedy break free from 505 games but companies like Gearbox and 2K taking Epic money just feels wrong."
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