There was once a time that Valve ruled the gaming industry with their single player games. From Half-Life, to Portal, to Left 4 Dead, these were some of the pinnacle titles of their career, but everything sort of went a little bit quiet until they successfully rebooted the HL universe with Half-Life: Alyx last year. And now Valve has confirmed that they are working on multiple new games that are going to be announced.

Valve’s Gabe Newell is currently hanging out in New Zealand where he turned a 10 day holiday into an indefinite stay after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. There he had an interview recently where he talked about many things, including working on a new games that have yet to be announced:

We definitely have games in development that we're going to be announcing. It's fun to ship games,” Newell said. “Alyx was great. To be back doing singleplayer games, that created a lot of momentum inside the company to do more of that.

It’s good to see that it’s not just more multiplayer titles, where considering the success of such games like Dota 2 and CSGO, most other companies would stick to that and keep creating more. But it sounds like Valve’s roots are stuck in single player games. Whether their next game will be a sequel like the long meme-ified Half-Life 3 - or even Portal 3 - or something completely new is unclear.

The fact that they have new games in development could explain why files concerning ray tracing support were discovered in the Source 2 engine, and so the company may be interested in adding the feature into future titles.

Finally, Newell also weighed in on the Cyberpunk 2077 launch situation, as he explained that he’s been enjoying it whilst staying in New Zealand:

All I know is that there are a lot of very happy gamers in the PC space, which are the ones that are most visible to us,” he said. “There are aspects of the game that are just brilliant, and it shows a tremendous amount of work. It's unfair to throw stones at any other developer, because just getting something as complex and ambitious as that out the door is pretty amazing. The PC version that I played, I had a lot of fun playing.

What do you think? Are you excited for new single player games from Valve? Would you rather their next title be a sequel? Or something brand new? Let us know!

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