As if it couldn’t get any worse, CD Projekt Red has been hit with yet another class action lawsuit following Cyberpunk 2077’s launch on last-gen consoles. The claim is apparently the same as the previous one back in December last year, and CDPR will be taking “vigorous” action to defend itself.

Last year, CD Projekt Red was hit with a class action lawsuit regarding the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 on last-gen consoles, which led to the game being delisted from the PlayStation Store and resulted in a significant drop in share prices. The lawsuit was then made against CDPR for making “false and/or misleading statements” regarding the state of CP2077 on consoles.

Although CDPR haven’t disclosed exactly what the new claim against them is about, they did say that it is “the same as the one disclosed by the Company in Current Report 68/2020 of 25 December 2020,” which includes “the content of the claim, including its subject and scope.

This is the second lawsuit to have officially been filed against the studio, as last year it looked like multiple cases were in development. CD Projekt Red has since officially apologized for the state of CP2077 at launch on last-gen consoles, and promised to continue working on updates and bug fixes before announcing any of the planned free DLC.

What do you think? What will the outcome of this lawsuit be? Does CDPR deserve it after Cyberpunk 2077’s launch? And how will this affect the gaming industry as a whole? Let us know!