Last week it was revealed that the folks over at Arkane Studios, and more specifically Arkane Austin who developed the Dishonored and Prey series, are working on a brand new title. Back then we thought it could be a new Dishonored 3 or Prey 2, but it looks like it could be a new IP based in the Fantasy genre.

According to the LinkedIn page of Lisa Charriere, the Senior VFX Artist at Arkane Studios, their portfolio includes work on an “unannounced project in Unreal 4 (fantasy).” Now given that their bio lists their location as Austin, Texas, we can reasonably assume that this is the new game that Harvey Smith. The Director at Arkane Austin, was talking about.

Although it doesn’t give us any details regarding the game itself, it’s possible the game has been in development for a while since Charriere has been working for Arkane since October 2018, yet this is the only project listed on their portfolio that links to Arkane.

Additionally, Arkane has traditionally used the CryEngine for their previous titles, but a switch to Unreal Engine indicates either a shift in stylistic choices, or gameplay mechanics. Unreal Engine also seems to be the favorite when it comes to either Fantasy or RPG games, so it could just be as simple as that.

Whatever it is, it’s exciting to hear about a(nother) new IP from Arkane, who so far has had a pretty good track record. Whether it will be another immersive sim like they’re used to, or maybe even a traditional RPG, remains to be seen, but if it has been in development for a while then it’s likely we’ll hear more information soon.

What do you think? Are you excited for a Fantasy game from Arkane Studios? Do you think this is the same project as mentioned last week? And do you reckon this will be another immersive sim, or traditional RPG? Or something else? Let us know!

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