Last year, Warner Brothers Games Montreal officially revealed their next venture into the Batman games series with Gotham Knights. We’ve had some details of the game released so far, but more details have surfaced in preparation for the game’s launch later this year, including how the gameplay has changed in favor of Co-op.

Although not an official continuation of the Arkham series by Rocksteady (who are instead continuing that story with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League), Gotham Knights does take place in a separate continuity following on from Arkham Knight.

Featuring 4 distinct characters, players can choose whichever one they want to use at any given moment. However, although each character has a distinct skill tree, players won’t be grinding characters to level them up, as they will level themselves up as you’re not playing them.

Speaking in a recent interview, Patrick Redding and Fleur Marty, Creative Director and Executive Producer for Gotham Knights respectively, revealed just how some of the mechanics have changed from previous Batman games, and how progression works with unplayed characters:

Since the story progression is shared between all the characters, it also makes sense that you don't have to level them up from scratch every time you want to switch. It also stays very coherent in terms of our narrative," Marty said. "Since the other members of the Batman family are always present in some way in the background, while you're out in the world fighting crime or unravelling the mystery, they don't stay inactive. So it makes sense that they are also progressing and getting stronger.

The Batman Arkham series has also been largely defined through it’s brawler combat system, a staple of which that has now been copied by many games afterwards. It’s an instantly iconic gameplay style, and Gotham Knights has apparently changed it up a bit to feel better through Co-op.

We have entirely redesigned the combat system in order for it to work well in co-op. Of course, we're still a brawler, and some of the mechanics won't feel totally alien for people who played and enjoyed the Arkham series, but it is in many ways very different.

So even though Gotham Knights is technically entirely playable offline and solo, it sounds like a lot has been designed to work best in co-op. I’ll have no complaints if the game is actually any good, but it begs the question of whether solo players will be getting the same experience. Only time will tell unfortunately.

What do you think? Are you excited for Gotham Knights? How do you feel about redesigned mechanics in favor of co-op? Let us know your thoughts!

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