Indie games can end up being a big success thanks to relatively smaller budgets compared to most AAA titles. One of these indie games that has seen huge popularity among players and content creators is Hello Neighbor, and the developers behind it’s multiplayer spinoff have apparently received a $3 million investment from publisher TinyBuild.

In no doubt due to their success with the Hello Neighbor franchise and the multiplayer spinoff Secret Neighbor, publisher TinyBuild has invested $3 million into developer Hologryph in order to get a majority stake in the studio. These funds will also reportedly go towards developing a brand new IP for next-gen consoles.

That investment will also help to expand the Hologryph development team as they develop their new IP for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Dynamic Pixels are the developers of the mainline series, Hello Neighbor and Hello Neighbor 2, whilst Hologryph helped develop the multiplayer spinoff title Secret Neighbor. Due to this, we can assume the next game from these developers will be another multiplier-focused game but not based on the Hello Neighbor series.

Additionally, TinyBuild revealed that they are big believers in the subscription-based game pass services like Xbox Game Pass, on which the entire Hello Neighbor franchise is present and Secret Neighbor alone has received 3.5 million downloads. Across all platforms and services, the entire Hello Neighbor series has garnered more than 60 million downloads.

Hello Neighbor 2 is currently in the Alpha stage of development right now and will be available sometime in 2021.

What do you think? Have you played Hello Neighbor or Secret Neighbor? What do you think of them? And what kind of new IP do you think Hologryph are working on? Let us know!