In a recent annual integrated report by Sega, it was revealed that the entire Yakuza franchise has sold over 14 million copies worldwide. But what’s more significant is how those sales numbers have grown in recent years and how Sega views this franchise as a pretty niche series.

According to the report, the Yakuza franchise had sold a total of 11 million copies by 2018 when Yakuza 6 officially launched in western countries. Coupled with the recent launch of Yakuza: Like A Dragon and it’s critical success, that means over 20% of all Yakuza sales across the whole franchise has been from the last 2 years.

That’s pretty significant considering the total 15 year lifespan since the series first started and the fact that the game series has been largely seen as a pretty niche franchise.

Sega apparently says that this new appeal comes from doubling down on the series’ depiction of Japanese culture, which was originally thought to be too niche for western players, but has now become a selling point for the franchise and is “highly evaluated by overseas users”.

That’s quite similar to Persona 4 Golden’s success on PC recently, which was majorly successful with western audiences. But the report still states that the Yakuza series is made up of niche games for a niche target audience. However, Sega’s approach to future Yakuza titles is to release their games on various platforms and services (like Game Pass), likely casting a wider net to attract the right players.

What’s interesting to note here is that the PC industry is specifically stated as a key area of focus for this new strategy, which hopefully means we’ll see more Yakuza games in the future coming to PC soon after release in Japan, and could even mean that previous Yakuza games not seen on PC will get an official port soon.

What do you think? Do you like the Yakuza games? Which one is your favorite? And would you like to see more Yakuza games on PC old and new? Let us know!

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