With Black Friday this week coming to a close at most retailers, many of us PC gamers are understandably looking at new hardware that we might be able to afford now thanks to some truly incredible discounts. Whether that's new graphics cards, monitors, or keyboards, buying some new tech is always on our minds.

But possibly one of the most affordable and still significant changes that PC gamers can look to upgrade is their SSD which, on top of overall prices slowly dropping, are on some great deals now thanks to Black Friday.

But unfortunately some gamers have not yet made the jump to Solid State Drives, and considering the power of the SSDs on the next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, there has never been a better time to make that jump then now.

But what’s the best size to get and what is the best value for money option? You can get SSDs up to 4TB or even higher now but they’ll still cost you an astonishing amount, whereas lower size SSDs tend to be better deals for those on a budget.

First and foremost, one of the best uses for an SSD is to use as a boot drive where your operating system is installed, this can significantly speed up the performance of your PC while doing general tasks. This one usually doesn't have to be that big, but the more the merrier!

As for external storage, this is where you’ll want to store your games for faster loading times and less texture/object pop in. Whilst you can get a small size SSD for this job, as many have already pointed out before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will fill up an entire 250GB external SSD by itself, leaving no room for other games. So if you want to play some of the best modern games on an SSD you may want to look at higher storage sizes.

So to help out our fellow friends in need, let’s all come together to discuss the best size SSDs to buy so we can make a better purchasing decision during Black Friday and make our PC gaming experience just a little bit better.

So what do you think? What is the best size SSD to buy for internal and external storage that will be the best value for money? What do you use your SSD for? Your Operating System? Gaming? Or both? And what should new PC gamers prioritize for their first SSD to get best performance? Their Operating System? Or for gaming? Let’s debate!

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"There is a reason if i named my second SSD 2 TB as STEAM STORAGE DISK."
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