It's October and you know what that means? We’re a month away from the launch of Cyberpunk 2077… Oh yeah and it's Halloween soon. So in this spooky time we thought about putting together a neat list of all the best horror games to play for Halloween 2020 in order to scare yourself or your friends.

And of course, if you have any suggestions yourself please do let us know in the discussion area below! And let us know if you’ll be picking any of the games on this list or if you have any favorite horror games you want to tell us about. But for now, let’s begin!


Resident Evil series

Starting us off is the god of all horror survival games, the Resident Evil series has scared us silly from the first zombie that turned around all creepy-like up until those weird moss monsters of the latest entry. With Resident Evil 8 coming out next year, now is probably the best time to boot up Resident Evil 7 again, and if you haven’t played it at all, then now’s an even better time to dive into the series.

Of course, there’s always one of the best Resident Evil games out there, the Resident Evil 2 Remake is a fantastic reimagining of the original that is arguably even better. If you want some stone cold tension, the dread of a possible zombie around the corner, and the nail biting moments of walking past lickers for the first time, RE2 Remake is perfect for you.

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is one of if not the best game in the Alien series, its immersive, atmospheric, and if you’ve just decided to watch James Cameron’s Aliens for the 100th time in your life for Halloween, this is a perfect game to pick up right after the credits roll. And it even includes some extra DLC content that takes place on the original Alien spaceship the Nostromo with the original cast.

Amnesia series

The original Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the best horror games made, simply because it arguably kickstarted the horror video game craze online and introduced a lot of people to the world of video game horror. It has also great mod support and recently went open source for even more mod compatibility!

But it's the newest title that takes the spot here, Amnesia: Rebirth has just released and provides the same level of horror and torment that the original offered, but with a shiny new setting and graphics! Don’t worry if you haven’t played any of the other Amnesia games, just sit back, relax, and scare yourself silly…

...wait, what were we talking about again?


Okay, okay, it's not exactly a ‘true’ horror game, but Bloodborne is one of the best games out there inspired by some of the best horror elements out there. The world of Lovecraft’s eldritch horrors blend seamlessly with From Software’s signature soulslike design. It may not be ‘scary’ in the traditional sense, but Bloodborne will keep you on your toes and tense with dread almost all the time. It’s a shame that you need a PlayStation 4 to play it though (please let that Bloodborne Remaster rumor be true).


Sick of being scared by the unimaginable horrors and instead want to be the scary unimaginable monster? Carrion flips the horror genre on its head by letting you play as the unstoppable creature that everyone dies from. If you feel like subverting the Halloween tradition and instead want to relax yourself with some mindless violence, Carrion is the perfect game for you. It's also relatively short, but sweet as hell.


Our last recommendation on this list is one that you might have heard of if you’ve been browsing Twitch and Youtube recently. Phasmophobia has taken the internet by storm this month with a game that lets you hunt the ghosts and creatures from those obviously fake paranormal tv shows, except this time they’re real! (inside the video game that is… or is it?) Hunt ghosts and paranormal entities alone or with friends, in VR or not, and you’re bound to have a great time this Halloween.


So that’s it for our list of the best horror games to play this Halloween 2020, let us know if you’ll be playing any of the games mentioned above! Or are you planning to play something else? What’s your favorite horror game? And will you be watching any scary movies this month? Which ones? Let us know!

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