For those of you lucky enough to bag yourself an RTX 3080, an even luckier few will have the EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra, which happens to be one of the fastest 3080’s on the market. However, if you like making your cards run even faster and consider yourself an “extreme overclocking user” then do I have some good news for you. EVGA has just released a Beta BIOS update to increase the FTW3 Ultra’s power draw to 450W in order to achieve even higher clock speeds.

Basically, if you like overclocking your GPUs, this extra power draw should give you a little bit more room to tweak the performance to something even higher than before. However, simply increasing the power draw does not increase performance, and as such EVGA says that they don’t “guarantee any performance increase or overclock while using this BIOS update.” 

Again, this is only intended for an “extreme overclocking user,” and EVGA has apparently only supplied the update “Due to many users request.

If you do feel like downloading the BIOS update however, you’ll need to have an adequate amount of power to give, and EVGA recommends an 850W+ power supply rated at Gold minimum (for a more detailed explanation of power supplies and power ratings, check out our power supply guide for the RTX 30 series).

EVGA’s forums have a detailed step-by-step guide to downloading the new Beta BIOS updates, one of which is for when the card is switched to the normal stock position, and another for when it’s switched to the OC position.

What do you think? Would you consider yourself as an extreme overclocking user? Do you have an RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra? Will you be downloading the new Beta BIOS? Let us know!

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