Despite a very rocky launch, Horizon Zero Dawn - Sony’s second PC port from the PlayStation 4 platform - has seen some really great figures, with sales reaching 716K units in its release month. According to SuperData, a platform for analysing games sales, Horizon: Zero Dawn’s PC launch was “nearly as large” as The Witcher 3.

It was also “significantly larger” than Assassins Creed: Odyssey’s launch month, and sold considerably more than Death Stranding’s PC release (which reportedly got 477K in sales). That’s quite a strong launch despite all the technical issues faced upon release, and for a game that already released nearly 4 years ago on the PS4 console.

Between Horizon ZD’s strong PC sales, and the massive acquisition of Zenimax by Microsoft, hopefully this will push Sony even further to bring their console exclusive titles to PC, as their relationship with the PC platform is very odd right now. Sony already said that they plan to bring more first-party titles to PC, yet they won’t confirm whether the upcoming Demon's Souls Remaster is coming to PC, or even if the newly announced Final Fantasy 16 will be getting a PC launch.

What do you think? Did you get Horizon Zero Dawn? Or are you waiting until it’s a bit more stable? And do you think this will push Sony a bit more towards PC releases? Let us know!

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"Hope Sony sees the light and brings more titles to PC now. HZD is a very good game, not as good as The Witcher 3 by a long shot but a very good game nonetheless."
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