Serious Sam has always been about action, but there’s also a semblance of a story that gets told in between those manic moments of mayhem, and the upcoming Serious Sam 4 is no exception. Pumping up the action to Max, the new Serious Sam games also has a suitably wacky story, which takes place as a prequel to the entire series thus far.

Long story short, the entire world is fighting against the hordes of a menacing alien known as Mental. The only hope for humanity and civilization rests on the shoulders of Earth’s Defense force, led by the one and only Sam “Serious” Stone. You can check out the Serious Sam 4 story trailer below:

Serious Sam 4 is launching on September 24th, or this Thursday in other words. We’re exited to see the return of this classic franchise, but the official system requirements that were recently released may require you to upgrade in order to get the best performance…

What do you think? Are you excited for Serious Sam 4? Will you be getting it on launch? Which is your favorite Serious Sam game? Let us know!

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