The upcoming Remaster of everyone’s favorite PC-melting 2007 game is nearly upon us, Crysis Remastered launches this Friday on September 18th and includes a bunch of new optimizations and graphical features for a true modern day remaster. Now Crytek have released a new tech trailer for Crysis: Remastered in stunning 8K resolution.

We got a short preview of the same tech trailer before, but this time the video is much longer and goes into more detail about the kinds of visual improvements we can expect when the game launches on Friday. You can check out the new Crysis Remastered tech trailer in 8K resolution below:

Crysis Remastered will include several visual enhancements like Global Illumination (SVOGI), real time reflections, rippling caustics when underwater, state of the art Depth of Field, 8K textures, a “can it run Crysis” 8K mode, enhanced particle effects, ray tracing, enhanced explosion effects, and an 8K textured nanosuit.

That “can it run Crysis?” mode is exclusive to the PC, and whilst it specifically mentions here 8K resolution, the setting is apparently designed to use every last bit of power from your hardware. Additionally, Crysis Remastered will support Nvidia’s DLSS technology, and if that all sounds demanding, then you can check out the official PC system requirements here, which weren't exactly what we expected.

What do you think? Are you excited for Crysis Remastered? Will you be getting the game when it launches on Friday? And what are your performance predictions? Let us know!